Monday, February 20, 2012

Rouby Raiders

Every October we mount our road bikes and go for a 65-mile spin!  Since I ride a Roubaix bike, we decided that we would be the Rouby Raiders this year!!  :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Capitol Visit

This layout is based off of one of last week's sketches (2012-02-12) and is from a trip we recently took to North Carolina!

Sketch of the Week: 2012-02-19

Thank you to all those who voted this week - the winner is a 12" x 12" single layout!

The 12" x 12" single layout is a great way to spotlight specific pictures and can be used for title/closing pages within a scrapbook.

If you're one to "step outside the scrapbook", you can frame a single page layout and mount it all the wall for everyone to see.

Hope you all have a great week and don't forget to vote!  Happy Scrapping!!

Twin Birthday Layout

A birthday for two is twice as nice!!!

This is a 12" x 12" layout with two 4" x 6" photos and six 3.5" photos.  It's always hard for me to pick pictures, so my layouts have a tendency to be filled with them vs. embellishments (and when there aren't a lot of pictures....I have a tendency to write a lot).  There is no right way....just whatever works for you!!  Happy Scrapping! :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 x 6 Double Sketch

This is the last one for this I need more votes to keep going!  Hope you all enjoy - Happy Scrapping!!

Additional Sketch (6 x 6)

Some of you had asked for a 6" x 6" single sketch and here it is!!  It's a super simple layout (as are most of this format) with four 2" pictures (on a 4.75" mat for journaling).  I love how the 6" x 6" format "forces" you to focus on your pictures because you have a limited amount of space to use.  It's also great for mini-books capturing a single event like a birthday.  Happy Scrapping!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sketch of the Week - 2012-02-12 (#2)

Single photo layouts can make a huge impact.  They allow you use tons of pretty patterned paper and embellishments to highlight your beautiful picture!!  This one has a layered effect with huge mats of patterned paper.

We have a few more sketches coming up for those that prefer the 6" x 6" format.  Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sketch of the Week - 2012-02-12 (#1)

Thank you to all those who have voted and for your patience as I get back into the swing of things.  Seems being out of town for a week really does slow me down, but I'm back now and making up for lost time.

This is the first of several sketches based on your voting.  Once I get all the sketches up, I'm going to put up some examples using them.  Hope you all have a great week - Happy Scrapping!! :-)

Friday, February 03, 2012

A Little Delay....

My apologies for not yet having posted the Sketch of the Week.....  Real life (travel for my job) has slightly derailed my plans, but to make up for it....I will be posting two new sketches this week.  Hope you are all having a great week!