Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sketch of the Week 2011-10-23

I oops'd last week and didn't post the Sketch of the Week on the blog!  So, here are both this week's and last week's sketches.  This week's is an 8" x 8" and last week's was a 12" x 12".  The voting results were literally split right down the middle this week, so I flipped a coin!!  Make sure to keep voting for your favorite!

Have a great week and Happy Scrapping!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wedding Vow Layout

One of the most common wedding pictures is of the bride and groom's hands, intertwined, with shiny new wedding bands. It's a simple, yet, powerful picture symbolizing their love and new life together. The vows spoken during the ceremony are equally powerful and the perfect journaling to accompany the "ring" picture, especially if the vows were written by the bride and groom.  The layout itself can be need for a huge title or lots of embellishments....the image will "do the talking" with the vows serving as an appropriate complement. The colors you use are up to can use "traditional" wedding scrapbook paper in black and white, go metallic to match your rings (with brads and eyelets to match) or use paper that matches your exact wedding colors. You may even want to frame the end product and put it on permanent display in your house as an ever-present reminder of your love for each other. Happy Scrapping!

Monday, October 03, 2011

A Twist on The Clothes Pin Game

We've all played it....whether at a baby or bridal shower. Everyone is handed a clothes pin and you get to take others' when they say the "secret" word. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of event wins. Pretty simple, right?  Well, let's kick the "baby shower" version up a notch and make it something you can put in a scrapbook.

In my twist, everyone at the shower gets a large tag with a ribbon that they can wear like a lanyard. The tag has the baby's name or baby related words on it. Instead of starting out with a clothes pin, everyone starts out with one or two letters on their tag (attached using repositionable adhesive tabs). As you've probably figured out, the goal is to get other people's letters to complete your tag...if they say the "secret" word, you get to take one of their letters. The first person to fill up their tag WINS!!

The great thing about this version is that everyone gets to take their tag home to scrapbook as a remembrance of the event. Have fun and Happy Scrapping!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scrapbook Consistency

I was asked the other day whether a themed scrapbook has to be consistent from page-to-page. As with all things scrapbook, I truly believe there is no right answer, but here are some guidelines that I go by.....
Page layouts, with the exception of the Title and Closing pages, should be two-page layouts. This gives you maximum space for pictures and journaling, while focusing on a single topic that allows for a smooth flow in your visual space. Single page layouts are still doable, but, to me, limit what you can put on a page....usually just a few pictures and a title.
Colors should be as consistent as possible, but it also depends on your pictures. If your pictures allow for the use of a few main colors, with coordinating patterned paper for accent, that will allow for a nice color scheme throughout the scrapbook.
As for page order, chronological order fits most themes, but you can always mix it up if you think certain items are more important than time-based order.
Happy Scrapping!!