Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making Your Own Patterned Paper

Announcing Baby's Arrival

Looking for a unique way to add a baby's birth date to a scrapbook layout or handmade announcement?

Just go into Microsoft Word, or your word processor of choice, and type in baby's birth date in various font types and sizes (even do different date formats). Do about five lines to create some variety, copy and paste it several times to create a large block of text (your pattern) and then print it out onto cardstock that will match your layout. Then, all you have to do is cut it to fit the size of the scrapbook element (e.g., a 2" x 8" strip).

Toddler Art

If you have a toddler around the house that is just getting into crayons, have them create some patterned paper for you! Just sit them down with a sheet of white cardstock, some crayons and let them color away.

Take pictures of them while they're doing it and you've got the makings of an adorable layout!!

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