Friday, September 01, 2006

Bazzill Basics and SEI

Back in July, I wrote about the partnership between Bazzill Basics and BasicGrey. Well, it's not really a partnership, but a way to make our scrapping lives a whole lot easier.

Now...Bazzill has formed a similar "partnership" with SEI and provided us with an invaluable list of cardstock colors that match some of SEI's most popular patterns.


  • Aunt Gertie's Garden: blossom, light taupe, leapfrog, french vanilla, bark
  • Be Bop: rosey, lima bean, pear, teal, twig, bark
  • Doodley Doo Boy: grenadine, aztec, lemonade, bazzill green, leapfrog, navy, sea water, java, whipped mousse
  • Doodley Doo Girl: romance, white, fire hearts, aztec, lemonade, pear, pansy, heidi, sea water
  • Fruit Stand: hot pink, rose, papaya, squash, green tea, navy, heather
  • Grandpa's Attic: light taupe, dark black, snow, red robin, yellowstone, splash
  • Granny's Kitchen: light taupe, light black, teal, french vanilla, bark
  • Groovy Gal: petunia, vintage, peach, adobe, pear, bark
  • Hippy Chick: emma, beetle black, ruby red, green tea, splash, french vanilla, bark
  • Holiday Hoopla: pomegrante, lemonade, limeade, patch, splash, espresso
  • Paisley and Petals: light black, apricot, squash, canteen, fresh, teal, cream puff, dark chocolate
  • Penelope's Potpourri: piglet, white, blackbird, grenadine, yellowstone, canteen, pear, whirlpool, sea salt
  • Seasoned: cajun, rusted, light butter, dark spruce, evening sky, dark chocolate
  • Serendipity: ruby red, lemonade, fresh, boogie board, powder, icy blue
  • Sweetie: quartz, snow, ruby red, pumpkin seed, pistachio, bark
  • Twitterpated: petunia, red hot, true teal, french vanilla, espresso
  • Winnie's Walls: barkley, fire hearts, peach glow, canteloupe, lima bean, leapfrog

  • P.S. To tell you the truth, you will be hard pressed to find a patterned paper that doesn't match with any of today's hottest patterned paper. Thank you, Bazzill!

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