Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Found Them!!

The unfortunate thing about records, especially older ones, is that sometimes they're wrong. Even census records aren't correct 100% of the time (or consistent from census-to-census). So, when I went looking for my great-great grandfather's grave in Collegeville, I came up empty-handed using records that I thought were accurate.

But, as if he was leading me to him, I accidentally drove to Norristown while looking for a supermarket in King of Prussia one day (while at CKC-Valley Forge). When I got home, I started digging and found information that lead me to believe he was buried there...less than a mile from where I had been. Arrgghhh!!!

Fast forward to my second trip to Philly in less than a month.

With the boys napping in the car, and time to kill before the Wiggles concert, we drove up to Norristown to check it out. The cemetery is huge and the main office had yet to return my inquiry, so I was crossing my fingers that I would find him (and anyone else that was related). As we drove through the cemetery, I gave my husband strict instructions on what names to look for, oh and we were finding them,...all but the one I was really looking for. To quote me, "He's so close I can taste it," and as if he heard me from above, I look up to see a huge family marker. "Yes, Yes, Yes!!!" I tried to contain my excitement as the boys were still sleeping. I scrambled to find a place to park and grab my camera and hoped that my great-great grandparents were there...and they were, along with my great-great aunt and uncle. Relief set in as I was able to verify another fact in the family story.

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