Thursday, August 03, 2006

Text Circles in MS Word

Looking to make a text circle for a CD cover or to put a cool twist on your scrapbook journaling, but don't have scrapbook software? Not a problem - text circles can be easily created in MS Word using the Word Art function. Just use the following steps:

  • In Word, go to the View Menu - select Toolbars --> then Word Art. On the Word Art Menu, click on the Blue A (it's kind of tilted to the side).

  • That will bring up the Word Art Gallery dialog box. You want to select the third option from the left in the very first row. It doesn't have a specific name, but it looks like bowed text. Click OK.

  • You will be then prompted to insert your text. Click OK.

  • Your text will not automatically appear in the shape of a circle, but it's easy to do. You will notice white guide boxes that surround the text that would form a triangle if you "connected the dots".

  • One of these boxes, on the left-hand side of your text, will appear as a yellow diamond. You want to left-click on the diamond(hold the mouse button down) and pull down.

  • You will then see a dashed line start to wrap around to form a circle. Once it's all the way around, you can let go.

  • Your text will look like a flattened circle at first, but your white guide boxes will help to fix that. You should see two in the middle of your text image.

  • You want to left-click on the bottom one (again hold down on the mouse button) and pull down again. Once you let go, you will see it's more in the shape of a circle. You can then click on the other white guide boxes to fine tune your circle.

  • Happy Journaling!

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