Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Six 6" x 6" Scrapbook Layout Sketches

In one of the responses to my Sketch Survey, I was asked for some ideas on how to make 6" x 6" scrapbook layout pages.

As you have seen, I do tend to focus on 12" x 12" layouts, but I will be the first to admit that smaller scrapbook pages are actually much easier to make. You don't have to focus so much on filling space, so you become very efficient and your emphasis is turned automatically to the pictures.

Since you don't have that much room to work with on a 6" x 6" page, the biggest picture you can use is a 4" x 6", which is perfectly acceptable (and makes the same kind of visual impact that a big picture would make on a 12" x 12" layout), but leaves you with little room for any journaling or embellishments.

So...that leaves us with 3" x 5" pictures or, better yet, wallet-size pictures. I love wallet-size pictures! Why? They have the same shape as a 4" x 6", but they take up less "real estate," so you can put lots of pictures on big scrapbook pages and more than one picture on a 6" x 6" scrapbook page.

While it's hard to find on my site, I do have a collection of sketches that I did almost a year ago (
click here to open the file) that includes a set of 6" x 6" sketches. I just haven't gotten around to getting them loaded into Flickr.

To the person that asked, I hope this helps (and I'll work on getting more 6" x 6" double-page layouts drawn up), and to anyone else who has any other questions...don't ever hesitate to
send me e-mail, I'm always ready and willing to help!

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Pam Barkhouse said...

Thanks this is going to help me start a gift for a friend.she had a baby boy and is not so into scrapbooking but likes them.