Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scrapbook Consistency

I was asked the other day whether a themed scrapbook has to be consistent from page-to-page. As with all things scrapbook, I truly believe there is no right answer, but here are some guidelines that I go by.....
Page layouts, with the exception of the Title and Closing pages, should be two-page layouts. This gives you maximum space for pictures and journaling, while focusing on a single topic that allows for a smooth flow in your visual space. Single page layouts are still doable, but, to me, limit what you can put on a page....usually just a few pictures and a title.
Colors should be as consistent as possible, but it also depends on your pictures. If your pictures allow for the use of a few main colors, with coordinating patterned paper for accent, that will allow for a nice color scheme throughout the scrapbook.
As for page order, chronological order fits most themes, but you can always mix it up if you think certain items are more important than time-based order.
Happy Scrapping!!

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