Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wedding Vow Layout

One of the most common wedding pictures is of the bride and groom's hands, intertwined, with shiny new wedding bands. It's a simple, yet, powerful picture symbolizing their love and new life together. The vows spoken during the ceremony are equally powerful and the perfect journaling to accompany the "ring" picture, especially if the vows were written by the bride and groom.  The layout itself can be need for a huge title or lots of embellishments....the image will "do the talking" with the vows serving as an appropriate complement. The colors you use are up to can use "traditional" wedding scrapbook paper in black and white, go metallic to match your rings (with brads and eyelets to match) or use paper that matches your exact wedding colors. You may even want to frame the end product and put it on permanent display in your house as an ever-present reminder of your love for each other. Happy Scrapping!

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